What's new

1.2.5 - 31-05-2017
Problem with resetting the password
1.2.4 - 10-04-2017
Problem with product catalog and pre-viewing a transaction before it is send - will duplicate all product lines
New e-mail preview with really simple textbox for html editing.
1.2.3 - 06-03-2017
Improved handling of plan changes with product catalog
Bugfix using product catalog, first-time product and E-conomic
1.2.2 - 02-03-2017
Bugfix using product catalog, taxcalculator and showing preview of new subscribers
1.1.24 - 23-11-2016
Bugfix when showing the customers attached to a plan - wrong currency is displayed
1.1.23 - 17-11-2016
Bugfix when editing an existing plan without ERP integration
1.1.21 - 15-11-2016
Better information when showing a user connected to a plan.
Bugfix when calculating paymenttimes when you created a plan in the future
Some complained about not being able to scroll to the bottom of the screen, so added some empty lines to ensure the browser allows you to scroll down
1.1.20 - 03-11-2016
New paylike payment window.
For Billing4All paying subscribers new option to decide what to write as invoice nr (b4a transactionid, consecutive invoice nr, ERP invoice nr). Can be found under Configuration -> Paid settings
For Billing4All paying subscribers, possible to set a initial invoice nr to count from. This is consecutive within your solution. Can be found under Configuration -> Paid settings
1.1.19 - 02-11-2016
Bugfix with paymentdays when creating a plan with postpaid, fixed dates, and first payments.
1.1.18 - 31-10-2016
Bugfix when creating a plan
1.1.17 - 27-10-2016
Bugfix when creating a plan in English.
Clean up of several create/edit plans screens
Fixed some static danish texts
1.1.16 - 25-10-2016
Bugfix with plans where payment is postpaid and fixed interval
1.1.15 - 25-10-2016
New features with E-conomics integration specifying how to handle invoices and booking in e-conomic.
1.1.14 - 20-10-2016
Bugfix showing customers attached to a plan
1.1.13 - 18-10-2016
Bugfix with products not showing name
Bugfix when creating new plan from a account.
Paylike fee was wrong due to invalid currencies.
1.1.12 - 18-10-2016
Its now possible to have several accounts with the same e-mail.
Mass account import allows for your own unique identification (eg. VAT nr, email).
1.1.11 - 12-10-2016
We have a total of 48 currencies!
Now possible to import customers from ERP to make individual payments.
1.1.10 - 10-10-2016
Added Israeli Shekels as a currency when creating a new plan
Small fix when creating a new payment gateway
1.1.9 - 04-10-2016
Small fix to new report for Payment Gateway Transactions
1.1.8 - 29-09-2016
New Notification system on frontpage. More data will be included in the future.
Invoice PDF's are always opened by the browser. Inline pdf viewing is not working on several browsers.
Internal: We are preparing for more payment gateways and other new exiting features
1.1.7 - 01-09-2016
New view on main-menu - Customer-transaction view
Possible to create a single payment to a customer. (go to the customer, and in the top right function box look for Create single payment)
Transaction view can now show ERP invoice id.
Internal: We are preparing for more payment gateways!